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The Last Dark

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Nice take on the noble courage theme. And bang on about the Lurker attacking itself under piecemeal possession. That was hilarious.

I say 4/5. The problems with the climax you note take it down a full notch. The Bane resolution was rubbish - "I am myself"????

Anonymous Richard Tedhams said...

I thought the Bane resolution was
perfect: it could not have been
done another way. I also liked
the Jeremiah resolution and the
Covenant/Foul resolution. My only
problem with the ending is the
last Raver's whereabouts. Foul may
be inside Covenant, but his Raver/
servant is outside but nobody seems to be paying attention to that.

Blogger expriest said...

Im a bit confused about what happened to moksha. My reading is that Jeramiah expelled him and he fled into the new land? Is that right?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that the bane resolution is rubbish or at least not explained enough and what was the fist at the end that beat lord foul? the bane? Who knew she had a fist. Also, resolution and powers gained for J was way to easy. I'm glad moksha is still around b/c a world where despite isn't around, except inside Covenant, is so terrible and boring.

it was almost as though donaldson was admitting at the end that this was all covenant's imagination and that it never really happened. he is still in coma back where the police car hit him in book no 1. Despiser is really just part of covenant after all then, he lives in all of us and that's that. Ok I can buy that but really? Even that it's a dream that's shared by linden, jacob and hile troy or is it really shared by them?

Another problem for me at the end of this book that I haven't read anyone talking about is how easily they beat the worm. Oh sure it's devestation but we don't feel it. revelstone is still there? did they rebulid it after the worm ate it? that's cheap. the worm got too much ink in this novel for the quick resolution at the end. I would have preferred to see she who must not be named, and by the way, why can't we name her, is that just a rip off of harry potter or what, but I thought that after linden beat her, although I needed more of how she beat her, that she might have grown to where she could swallow the worm istead of all those women spirits. and oh yeah, if Alena's spirit was rescued, then one more final scene of her and thomas was called for. hey, dad and especially step-mom/ rival lover of my father, I guess I owe you all something and oh yeah, special hollar out to my new brother Jake and a special disgust for my fat brother horrible nerd who's spirit's azz i just kicked. I'm just not satisfied the way I was after the first two trilligioes and while I enjoyed the last book it left me feeling a bit violated. damn was i mentally raped on that last series much like lena was? OMG Donaldson is still doing it then? I also think this was a money thing for him and in that vein I hope it worked for him. it was fun for me but so much not at the level of the first six books.

Blogger Jose Soto said...

I thought the ending was horrible... I wanted Lord Foul destroyed and the land.. recreated... The Land... V.2.0...

I understand that covenant used Lord Fouls knowledge to help undo the damage of the worm.... But as the sandgorgon rent the raver... Covenant could have done that to Lord. Foul..

Blogger Alex Walsh said...

It must have been 1986 when I first read The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant and I must admit I've tarried on finishing the final chronicles, knowing they're the last.

It works well up to a point, and I agree with your comment about Jeremiah healing too easily. For me Linden's final confrontation and Covenant's were done very well but, as both characters said, they meant naught so to have the final resolution; the reconstruction of the Arch of Time, dealt with in narrative in the epilogue was more than a little galling for me.


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