Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Walkmen: A Playlist

It's interesting to follow debates about The Walkmen. I say the band's later albums (You & Me, Lisbon, Heaven) are superior to the early ones (Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me is Gone, Bows + Arrows, A Hundred Miles Off). Those who believe oppositely won't be fond this playlist, but for better or worse, they are my Walkmen picks, meant to be played in order. Naturally, "The Rat" caps it off -- usually the last song played at concerts -- and I kick it off with "In the New Year", which is not only my favorite Walkmen song but one of my favorite songs of all time.

1. In the New Year. You & Me, 2008.
2. Juveniles. Lisbon, 2010.
3. Louisiana. A Hundred Miles Off, 2006.
4. Line by Line. Heaven, 2012.
5. Song for Leigh. Heaven, 2012.
6. Nightingales. Heaven, 2012.
7. Heaven. Heaven, 2012.
8. Red Moon. You & Me, 2008.
9. Stranded (Live). Lisbon, 2010.
10. The Rat (Live). Bows + Arrows, 2004.


Blogger Carson Lund said...

It was very difficult to make this list. Had to leave off so many gems.

1. In the New Year
2. All Hands and the Cook
4. Angela Surf City
5. New Country
6. Canadian Girl
7. Heaven
8. I Lost You
9. Thinking of a Dream I Had
9. The Rat
10. We've Been Had

Blogger Loren Rosson III said...

Must have been hard for you, being your favorite band. I appreciate the strong influence of You & Me (#s 1, 5, 6, 8) -- it pained me omitting some of those.

Anonymous Sam said...


Early Walkmen is truthfully the best, and any list without Rue the Day... methinks you will rue this day, someday. :)

Blogger Loren Rosson III said...

Quite possibly!

Blogger Erik Lund said...

Awesome list!
I made a Walkmen Waltz playlist just for some fun variety. And yes not all the songs are in 3/4 but they have that ballroom feeling.

1. Torch Song
2. Canadian Girl
3. We've Been Had
4. Long Time Ahead of Us
5. Another One Goes By
6. Stranded
7. New Year's Eve
8. No One Ever Sleeps

Blogger Loren Rosson III said...

Great theme, Erik.


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