Friday, June 28, 2013

Pastor Anderson's Greatest Hits

Steven Anderson is famous for his sermon on why men should urinate standing up, but many of his diatribes never made it to youtube and cry for exposure. All of his sermons to date can be downloaded here, but each is about an hour long, and most people don't have the stamina to listen to more than 15 minutes of this kind of preaching. So I compiled an audio-clip of Anderson's "greatest hits". Most of these segments are from his first year as a pastor, and they run under a total of 15 minutes. So sit back and enjoy the hellfire. It's evidently in store for all of us.

0:01-1:01 The evil of Mardi Gras
1:02-2:10 Abortion/birth control
2:11-2:57 "Why I yell when I preach"
2:58-3:26 The King James Bible only
3:27-4:00 The Devil's Bible (the NIV)
4:01-5:00  Booze
5:01-5:46  Against psychiatry
5:47-7:01  Homosexuality
7:02-8:20  Barack Obama
8:21-9:21  Love and hate essential to Christian living
9:22-10:43  The physically handicapped
10:44-12:04  In vitro fertilization (stealing babies from God)
12:05-14:36  Calling on the name of the Lord (renegade members of Anderson's church have been trying to correct his teachings, and he tears them to shreds)


Anonymous Ingrid said...

You Americans do fan your flame-throwers. This man will get a heart attack if he doesn't lose his voice first.

Blogger Loren Rosson III said...

His throat has been given such a workout by now that he probably never loses his voice. The heart attack is possible, but doubtful, since he's still young and big on health food.


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