Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ten Commandments for Discussion Groups (Revisited)

It dawned on me that Robert Price's Ten Commandments for Discussion Groups are much better when sarcastically inverted:
1. Get to your point as cryptically and convolutedly as possible. If people need to be spoon-fed what you're trying to say, they don't deserve an easy time of it.

2. Make no effort to stay on topic. Bombard your audience with red herrings and non sequiturs which parade your knowledge but bear little relevance to the subject at hand. People need to appreciate your genius.

3. Grind political axes at all opportunities.

4. Pay no heed to the person talking. Be planning your soliloquy as he or she speaks.

5. Remind yourself that the opinions of others are worthless. Don't take them seriously.

6. Fracture the group discussion, and foment discord. Pit people against each other, and get them to play "Us vs. Them" (even while knowing all along that it's really "You vs. Everyone").

7. Grandstand. Remember: it's all about you.

8. Convert as many people as possible to your own beliefs. They're the right ones, after all.

9. Put people down when they speak. Ridicule them, insult them, and then tell them to shut up.

10. Interrupt people. They need to listen to you more, and gab less.


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