Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Robert Price's Ten Commandments for Discussion Groups

I'm not a fan of Robert Price, but I did get a kick out of his ten commandments for discussion groups in The Reason Driven Life, pp 186-189:
1. Thou shalt get to thy point as quickly and succinctly as possible.

2. Thou shalt try to stay on topic at least for a while.

3. Thou shalt avoid politics like the plague.

4. Thou shalt give heed unto the person talking. Neither shalt thou merely wait till they're done so that thou mayest launch into thine own planned soliloquy.

5. Thou shalt esteem individual persons above their opinions and beliefs. In this manner thou mayest abstain from personal enmity and avoid waxing wrathful.

6. Thou shalt not fracture the group discussion into two or more. But thou shalt all have one conversation going on until the informal aftermath of the main event.

7. Thou shalt not grandstand.

8. Thou shalt not aim to convert the group to thine own faith or opinion.

9. Thou shalt make sure all present know that they are not expected to speak, though their participation is most welcome.

10. Thou shalt not interrupt thy brother or thy sister.


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