Tuesday, November 14, 2006

SBL Papers

From the biblioblogosphere there are some interesting SBL papers around the corner:

Sean the Baptist will be Re-reading the Great Commission (Matthew 28.16-20) in Imperial Context, engaging postcolonial readings of the text and offering an alternative.

Rick Brannan is going after Modifiers in the Pastoral Epistles, examining word group usage data in comparing the Paulines and Pastorals.

Stephen Carlson has two papers, one The Nineteenth-Century Exemplar of "Archaic Mark" (MS 2427), the other Luke's Panel Technique for "Orderly" Narration.

Michael Bird will answer Who Comes from the East and the West? Luke 13.28-29/Matt 8.11-12 and the Historical Jesus, engaging (and disagreeing with) Dale Allison's argument that Jesus was referring to Jews in the Diaspora rather than Gentiles.

And as we all know, Mark Goodacre will present some of the material from his current blog series and explain why he thinks many of Paul's Galatian converts were Already Circumcised when the letter was written.

UPDATE: Chris Heard will tell us What the Mob Wants Lot to Do in Genesis 19:9 -- is it "stand back" or "come closer"? -- and he's also going to talk about that atrocious Jay-and-Silent-Bob movie Dogma.

Danny Zacharias thinks The Influence of Old Greek Daniel 7:13-14 on Matthew's "Son of Man" is significant.

And Jim Davila is presenting two papers, one Scripture as Prophetically Revealed Writing, the other The Hekhalot Literature and the Ancient Jewish Apocalypses.


Blogger Danny Zacharias said...

Don't forget the deinde boys!!

Paul Nikkel is presenting-
Neither a Spear nor a Shield be: Defining the Enigmatic ???
The ??? is an enigmatic term for weaponry in the MT that appears as part of Goliath's panoply in 1 Samuel 17. The Hebrew etymology of the word points towards its identification as an offensive weapon; however, the LXX and English translations almost unequivocally render it as a shield of some type, implying a defensive object. A closer examination of its use in the MT, as well as uses of the Akkadian cognate sinnatu, indicates that it probably was not a defensive weapon. This paper looks at alternate meanings for the term, including "spear," "spiked shield" and "pick-axe." The various contexts in which this terms appears in the MT will be examined, as well as possible chronological implications about its period of currency in combat and what light this might shed on its inclusion in 1 Samuel 17.

Danny Zacharias
The Influence of Old Greek Daniel 7:13-14 on Matthew's "Son of Man"
The Old Greek version of Dan 7:13-14 is significantly different than its MT and Theodotion counterparts. Regardless of how the OG came to be this way during transmission, the textual witness to the OG equates the "son of man" with the "Ancient of Days." I contend that the distinctives of OG-Dan 7:13-14 had a formative influence on the author of Matthew and best explains how Matthew portrays the "son of man" riding on the clouds, judging the nations, sitting on the glorious throne, and with angels in subservience to him.

Blogger Loren Rosson III said...

Thanks Danny. No slight intended!

Blogger Christopher Heard said...

Well, and there's a couple of Hebrew Bible and pop culture things that some other "biblioblogger" is presenting ... but I guess only NT stuff makes it only your list, Loren? ;-p

Blogger Loren Rosson III said...

Slap my wrists, Chris. How could I have forgotten your paper on what the mob wants Lot to do in Gen 19:9, especially since I agree with your ideas -- or at least, as you presented them in a blogpost many moons ago.

Blogger James Crossley said...

Hey, Loren, what about the Secular session at AAR???!

Blogger Loren Rosson III said...

Well, James, that's not an SBL paper, so I'm going to let myself off the hook in your case. :)


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