Monday, September 24, 2012

Biblical Studies Retrospectives

Starting next month, and every two months, I'll be doing a series of retrospectives on work done in biblical studies. These will be reflections more than reviews, assessments of enduring value, but also a personal odyssey, I hope, showing how I've changed as much as the field has -- or perhaps needs to.

To qualify for a retrospective, the book or article must be at least 10 years old, and have made a serious impact on me personally, however positive or negative. Sometimes I'll serve up the retrospective by mixing in a review of new material by the same scholar, when they're thematically similar. Here's what I have planned.
October -- Retrospective/Review: "Q, Thomas, and Killjoy Scholarship" (10th Anniversary of Goodacre's Case Against Q & his new Thomas and the Gospels)

December -- Retrospective: "Legitimate Concerns" (25th Anniversary of Schaberg's Illegitimacy of Jesus)

February -- Retrospective: "The Hidden Talent of Richard Rorhbaugh" (20th Anniversary of Rorhbaugh's Article on The Talents)

April (?) -- Retrospective/Review: "Christian Origins and the Question of Wright" (Wright's new 4th volume in light of the entire series)

June -- Retrospective: "Paul's Tumultuous Theology" (30th Anniversary of Sanders' Paul, the Law, and the Jewish People)

August -- Retrospective: "Jesus' Magic" (35th Anniversary of Smith's Jesus the Magician)
I'm looking forward to this exercise, and I encourage other bibliobloggers to treat this as a meme. Stay tuned for Mark Goodacre's killjoy scholarship, which will get us off the ground next month.


Blogger Unknown said...

I'm looking forward to your review of Wright. Love him or hate him, he's definitely made an impact. Surprised you left out the Jesus Seminar's stuff. You usually have... choice words for them :)

Anonymous BradK said...

Loren, did you publish these somewhere? This site can sometimes be hard to navigate so I may have missed them, but I was very interested in reading.

Blogger Loren Rosson III said...

Hi Brad,

I've fallen quite behind on this project, haven't I? I hope to get back on track, thanks for reminding me and for your interest.


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