Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Favorite Directors Blogathon

Since I had so much fun with Hitchcock, I'm going to plow on. Each month I'll spotlight the work of a favorite film artist. In cases where he has many films to his name (usually 20 or more), I'll do a "top" list which ranks his very best. In cases where he has few (usually 10 or less), I'll do a "full" list which ranks all of them from best to worst. As with Hitchcock, my rankings won't kow-tow to critical consensus or wide opinion; this exercise will be narcissistic to the core.

Here are my favorite film directors, and what I have planned for them. I encourage other bloggers to write up their own lists, and I already know one sharp cinephile waiting in the wings: Carson Lund, who drops in occasionally, and whose critical acumen always inspires.

July -- Alfred Hitchcock. The Top 10 (out of 53).

August -- David Lynch. The Full 10.

September -- Ingmar Bergman. The 22 (out of 45) that I've seen.

October -- Stanley Kubrick. The Full 10 (from Paths of Glory and beyond).

November -- William Friedkin. The Top 10 (out of 20).

December -- Terrence Malick. The Full 5.

January -- David Cronenberg. The Top 10 (out of 20).

UPDATE: See what Jake Cole has in store.


Blogger Jake Cole said...

Great idea. I found out about this from Carson. I think I'll do this myself, though I don't know all the directors I'd choose. I should have at least a list for the first few months at my site later today.

Blogger James said...

I'm going to be doing your Favorite Directors Blogathon after reading yours, Carson, and Jake list. Here is the link to my version of the Favorite Directors Blogathan you created.


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