Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Looking Back

One week from today, on 7/11, The Busybody will be one year old. After 305 blogposts I'm still at it. It's been a fun ride.

Because Blogger's archiving is so primitive, I thought this would be an opportune time to revisit some of the best posts from the past year which haven't already been placed on the sidebar. Consider this a birthday carnival for the next week.

I want to thank my readers for visiting, commenting over the past year, and for making the blogosphere an enjoyable place to be. Next Tuesday, on 7/11, we'll kick off year #2. In the meantime, enjoy this trip down memory lane... and happy Independence Day to American readers.

Honor-Shame. How relevant is the bible in western culture?

Millenialism or Myth? It's better to be a mythicist than a mimimalist, though neither one cuts it.

The Shameless Hussy of Mk 7:24-30/Mt 15:21-28. Jesus was gratified by the pagan woman who managed to outwit him.

Top 10 Books of the Bible. My favorites.

Lk 17:20-21 and the Apocalypse. Jesus' evasive retort to the Pharisees.

Scholars to Spend Time With. One of my favorite blogposts.

Q: Skeptical Brits, Credulous Americans. Americans are more trendy than Brits, and perhaps more prone to believe in that which cannot be seen.

The Angry Healer. Jesus told a man to get lost for challenging his ability to heal.

20 Years is a Long Time. Christians required Gentiles to adopt the Torah as the apocalypse kept being delayed.

John Meier's Unpapal Conclave Experiment and The Conclave's Results. A diverse group finds at least some common ground on the historical Jesus.

Professionals and Amateurs I and II. Professional training isn't a pre-requisite for good biblical interpretation.

Jesus and Us. My favorite quote from the past year: Dale Allison says the historical Jesus can do very little for us.


Blogger Jimmy Archer said...

Congrats on the birthday. ;) Thanks for all the interesting, informative, thought-provoking, and life-changing things (not drastic in my case, if you were wondering) you've written.

Blogger Buddy Boone said...


I have been reading your blog all along and have enjoyed and learned from it. My favorite post to date is Schweitzer's Legacy. I discovered Dale Allison's work through your blog and will be forever grateful.

Blogger stc said...

I've just read your post, "Q: Skeptical Brits, Credulous Americans". Re Kloppenborg: I just wanted to point out, as a Canadian, that the religious climate is very different between Canada and the USA. Of particular note, there is virtually no such thing as a fundamentalist movement here — well, perhaps a little in Western Canada.

Our history vis-à-vis Britain is very different than that of the USA.

Admittedly, over the decades, there has been a gradual reorientation away from Britain and toward the USA, due to economic realities.

Still, I seriously doubt you can discount Kloppenborg's position on the grounds that he is (North) American! That bucket won't hold water.

Blogger Rick Sumner said...

Congrats on the anniversary!

Just to add to what Q said above, even in Alberta, unquestionably the most conservative province in Canada, Fundamentalism isn't any sort of organized movement. I live in the hub of Canadian conservativism (Calgary), and could count on my hands the number of genuine Fundamentalists I've ever met. They're a rare breed up here.


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