Thursday, June 29, 2006

Quiz for Skeptics at Tekton

I took this Quiz for Skeptics at the Tekton evangelical site and tested as an open-minded skeptic, apparently in contrast to most infidels who take it. Whether or not I'm ripe for conversion, as these charitable folks seem to think, is another issue. But it's fun business, and I was pleased to see Dick Rohrbaugh acknowledged as a good guy in one of the questions.

Here are my answers. The A answers earn you 1 point, B 2 points, C 3 points, and D 10 points. Obviously the D answers are correct from Tekton's point of view. I answered 27/43 questions with an unqualified D.

(See also Peter Kirby's answers.)

UPDATE: Chris Heard, though a believer, answers some of the questions.


Blogger Doug said...

I'm not sure how many points I would get. On the questions I could answer with either A,B,C or D, I scored 249 points, but there were 15 questions where my answer was either "none of the above" or "more than one of the above" or one of the above with 1000 qualifications.
And many of my friends in mainstream British Anglicanism would regard me as slightly conservative. Go figure!

Blogger Bob MacDonald said...

Converted? Loren? to what, pray tell? Convertere ad dominum tuum - not to the good guys and the bad guys. Life is bigger than out pet theories.

Blogger Bob MacDonald said...

Thanks for the stimulus - I did respond to some of the questions after a walk - I hope I have not been too disrespectful. I couldn't score myself. (whoops. I just noticed a spelling error in my last quip tch tch).

I leaving this link since I am still not sure how these blogs work re references.


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