Friday, October 28, 2005

Quote for the Day: Jesus and Us

“What can historical Jesus research do for us? Well, maybe this will surprise everyone, but my view is: very little... Too many expect too much from historical Jesus research. We also have ethics professors, theologians, and philosophers. How come? Why do we need them if historical Jesus research gives us our answers? We need them because it doesn't... I truly think the big issues are best addressed by philosophers, scientific theorists, theologians, poets, and novelists, not historians. Cut my own throat there, didn't I?” (The Allison Seminar, April 3, 2003; Dale Allison’s response to Bob Schacht)


Blogger Chris Weimer said...

I agree! Back at my forum, there was a little buzz about the quest for the historical Jesus. I personally have my doubts that we will ever reach a consensus on the HJ, and if "we" do, I further doubt that it will be close to the Real Jesus, and that's assuming he even existed!


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