Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sidebar Upgrade: Best Posts and Book Reviews

I've reorganized my sidebar and added two new sections. First, I moved the primitive archives to the very bottom, and previous posts (most recent ten) next to last. In the middle I added "best posts" and "book reviews". Ben Myers inspired me to do a best posts section, and I've written enough book reviews now that it's time to make them readily accessible.

For best posts I chose seven biblical-studies related, four Tolkien, two special, and one humor (that last isn't for the easily offended). For book reviews I have eleven so far. I'll continue to update these sections as time goes on.

Enjoy the new bells and whistles!


Blogger Rick Sumner said...

Since I missed them the first time 'round, I now have opportunity to comment on the excellence of your posts on LotR. You've almost (by which I mean I was fleetingly tempted) convinced me that it's not all hype, and they really are better than Asimov's Foundation trilogy! :p


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