Monday, May 29, 2006

"Greatest Living New Testament Scholar(s)"

Chris Tilling asks, "Who do you think is the greatest living New Testament scholar, and why?"

I can't give a single answer to this question. Back in October I came up with Scholars to Spend Time With, and I suppose I consider four of the (living) individuals on this list as the "best": Dale Allison for the historical Jesus; Philip Esler and Mark Nanos (tied) for Paul; and Richard Rohrbaugh for biblical culture. Dale's approach to the historical Jesus question is identical to my own on almost every level; Philip and Mark tackle Galatians/Romans so oppositely, yet each so compellingly; and Dick knows more about honor-shame societies than anyone else I know.

(Naturally, you can link to each of these scholars under my "Websites of Interest". Allison and Nanos have direct links; Esler and Rohrbaugh can be accessed from the "Context Group" link.)


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