Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The 50 Most Loathesome People in America

The 50 Most Loathesome People in America

This list isn't for the easily offended, but for those who appreciate simple truth. I don't know why I'm laughing, however, since "I" place at #4.

The commentary for George Bush (#3) is precise.

"Simply put, the stupidest man ever to lead this country... Often responds to questions by attempting to define the word he finds the most challenging in them. Thinks press reports of his various crimes are responsible for his waning popularity, rather than the deeds themselves. Interprets the constitution like a Unitarian interprets the bible; for maximum convenience and with no regard to the actual text. Foreign policy vision is less serious and more simplistic than an issue of Captain America."

True: most Unitarians do share interpretive techniques of our fearless leader.

Others who find a home on this list are Bruce Chapman (#46), George Lucas (#44), Hilary Clinton (#30), spammers (#26), Karl Rove (#15), me (#4), Dick Cheney (#2), and Pat Robertson (#1). Putting God at #13 was lame (person in America?), if amusing to the irreverent.


Blogger Ben Myers said...

But they sure got #1 right!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not sure why you directed your readers to such a godless, arrogant and unintelligent article. Not to mention your agreement with the silly insults against the President.



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