Monday, October 10, 2005

Pauline Chronologies

Brandon Wason and Mark Goodacre offer timelines for Paul's activity. In the past I’ve sided more with Brandon’s view of the dating of Galatians (earlier), though I’m less confident these days. It’s always been the most difficult letter to date.

For a more radical chronology, see that of John Hurd, used on Bob MacDonald’s website. Hurd is known for keeping the testimony of Acts at arm’s length and relying solely on the letters. He puts Galatians late (around the same time as Romans), and II Thessalonians as the first letter, written in 41, about five years before I Thessalonians.


Anonymous Andy Goodliff said...

I think Hurd is right. My teacher Douglas Campbell, now at Duke university has been working with a Hurd like chronoloy for a while, which dates Eph and Col in AD 51, 1 Cor, Gal, 2 Cor, Phil, 1 Thess, Rom to AD 52 and 2 Thes to early 40s. In my view he's spot on.


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