Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Giant Review

Here's a treat for holy week: Deane Galbraith's review of Casey's Jesus of Nazareth, focusing particularly on the book's final chapter, "Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?" The review will be served up in seven parts, one for each day this week, and I'll link to them as they roll out. Readers may recall that Casey placed at #4 on my top-10 pick list.
Part 1: Countering the dominance of conservative apologetic works in New Testament studies

Part 2: The Empty Tomb is not Historical

Part 3: The Gospel of Mark's Missing Ending

Part 4: Inconsistencies and Deliberate Changes in the Gospel Post-Resurrection Accounts

Part 5: Did Jesus consider himself to be "The Son of Man"?

Part 6: Women Witnesses to the Empty Tomb and Their Significance

Part 7: Visionary Experiences of Jesus' Resurrection