Friday, January 07, 2011

Piss Against the Wall, Take 2

Three years ago, Pastor Steven Anderson infamously explained why men should urinate standing up, based on the passage of I Kings 14:10 and five other Deuteronomist texts. I've only now become aware of a sequel diatribe he delivered last year, Pisseth Against the Wall, Take 2, in which our beloved pastor continues railroading effeminate Germans, modern "sissified" versions of the Bible which censor manly images of those who "piss against the wall", and -- above all -- women who micromanage the lives of their husbands in the bathroom. Unbelievable.

This segment comes from the tail end of the sermon, Show Thyself a Man.

For perhaps a more reasonable defense of why men should resist the trend in Germany (and France, and Holland) and continue to urinate standing up, see The Naked Scientists.


Blogger Jonathan Robinson said...

hah! what a sissy, he says "bathroom" / "restroom" instead of toilet... i bet his mother taught him that. where can i find a truly manly preacher who is not afraid to mention toilets by name?

Anonymous Deb Hurn said...

how does he justify his lack of a beard?


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