Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dangerous Dreams: Inception and Amy's Choice

Two amazing trailers were released this week for a movie and TV show dealing with the nightmarish power of dreams: Christopher Nolan's Inception and Doctor Who's Amy's Choice. I'm chomping at the bit for both.

In Inception the character played by Leo DiCaprio apparently works as a "subconscious security" agent for a classified project that takes place in human dreams. The new trailer suggests that he actually breaks into peoples' dreams in order to steal their ideas while they're sleeping. Not much is clear beyond that, but the visuals are mighty impressive, it looks suspenseful as hell, and I'm expecting it to be the film of the year as much as The Dark Knight was in 2008. And Ellen Page is in it, so that's a major bonus. It hits theaters on July 16. See the trailer here.

Meanwhile, just around the corner (i.e. this weekend) awaits the Doctor Who episode called Amy's Choice. It seems to be about a figure called the Dream Lord who has invaded the minds of the Doctor and his companions, putting them in a horrific dream that runs parallel to an equally grim reality. In one, they are in a nightmarish incarnation of the TARDIS, and in the other, they are in a "village that time forgot" surrounded by sinister looking grandmas and grandpas. Which is the dream and which is real? They can escape these scenarios only by dying in either one of them -- preferably, obviously, the dream scenario, for to die in reality is to really die. See the trailer here.


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