Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Steven Anderson Tears His Flock a New One

Readers of this blog know that I follow the sermons of Steven Anderson with some regularity, and enjoy citing his most memorable moments. I believe he's just outdone himself with the harshest sermon of his career, "Calling Upon the Name of the Lord". Anderson is furious (to put it mildly) at certain members of his church who have begun claiming that praying the sinner's prayer is adding works to salvation, and he proceeds to tear them a new orifice right from the pulpit. The part you have to watch is the seven-minute segment 24:45 - 31:35. Anderson gets so mad that he kicks the pulpit, smashes things to the floor, and calls his flock a bunch of lazy parrots who don't know anything and should keep their mouths shut until they read the bible cover to cover. This is one pissed preacher.


Blogger Stephen C. Carlson said...

Pissed against the wall?

Anonymous Nathan said...

If that's the leader, keep me away from the followers.


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