Monday, September 14, 2009

Interview with Christopher Skinner

Don't miss the interview with Christopher Skinner conducted by Andrew Bernhard and Mike Grondin. Skinner, author of John and Thomas—Gospels in Conflict?: Johannine Characterization and the Thomas Question, contends that Pagels, Riley, and DeConick have been "envisioning a conflict [between the Johannine and Thomasine communities] for which there is very little evidence", and overemphasizing the significance of Thomas' character in John. DeConick responds here, arguing that her position isn't as speculative as Skinner claims.

And on the GThomas mailing list, Mike Grondin asks more of Skinner, including a question that came to my mind: "In your answer to the next-to-last question of the interview, you say that 'The christological landscape of the first few centuries C.E. is quite complex,' yet you downplay the notion of community conflict. How is community conflict different from 'a complex christological landscape'?" Took the words out of my mouth.


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