Saturday, October 13, 2007

Jeffery's Reply to Brown

If you waded through Scott Brown's lengthy RBL review about Secret Mark, you'll want to read Peter Jeffery's reply. It isn't finished yet ("to be continued as I have time", says Jeffery), but off to a tantalizing start:
"Where [Brown's review] gets into problems, I think, is in its tendency to miss the big picture, ignoring the main thrust of some of my arguments for the sake of scrutinizing the fine points. He does this for the best of reasons, of course, because he's trying to engage honestly and fully with what I wrote. Brown is not the sort who invents straw men or puts words in your mouth, fortunately. And he's absolutely right that the minutiae matter. An argument not built up from small facts is resting on thin air. But when you're testing a foundation, it's a good idea to look up once in a while, to get a sense of the entire building."
Be sure to read it. I'll post more as it unfolds.


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