Friday, September 28, 2007

Research Notes on I Peter

I am pleased to see Torrey Seland's new blog which focuses on the underrated epistle of I Peter. (And it's nice to know that Torrey has other interests besides Philo!)

Torrey mentions Jack Elliott's new book, Conflict, Community, and Honor: I Peter in Social Science Perspective, which I'll have to put at the top of my reading list since Elliott is the top authority on I Peter. Torrey notes that, "strangely enough, Elliott does not substitute 'Jews' with 'Judeans'", despite having been the leading crusader for doing this. I wonder why.


Blogger TorreyS said...

Hi. I had to check that again when I read you comment on my blog, and I am obviously wrong. I was also somewhat amazed, and it looks like I was somewhat quick in my statement above. In his own presentations of the various substitutions he uses, he disn't mention 'Judeans', but in his text, e.g., pp. 18-19 he uses 'Judeans' where others might have used 'Jews'. So you are right; Elliott still prefers 'Judeans' to substitute 'Jews'

Blogger Loren Rosson III said...

Okay, thanks for clarifying.


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