Sunday, November 13, 2005

Which Middle-Earth race are you?

Tolkien fans will like this. (Thanks to Siris for mentioning.) To Which Race of Middle-Earth Do You Belong? Of the ~18,000 people who have taken this, the breakdown is as follows.

Numenorean -- 37% (graceful, dignified, tragic)
Hobbit -- 6% (domestic, innocent, agrarian)
Rohirrim -- 21% (fierce, courageous, loyal)
Entish -- 15% (wise, cautious, resilient)
Dwarvish -- 6% (stalwart, possessive, earthy)
Elvish -- 16% (ethereal, lyrical, perceptive)

As if I couldn’t predict my results...



Blogger Jim Davila said...

What about wizards?!

Blogger Loren Rosson III said...

Well, there were only five wizards. And they were servants of the gods rather than a race of Endor. So I guess they're in a different league.

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