Friday, October 21, 2005

Wealth and Poverty in the Blogosphere

Find out how much your blog is worth. For me it's the goose egg. What this says about my ideas I don’t really care to know.

I checked some other URLs. Wayne Leman, Jim Davila, Jim West, and Mark Goodacre are clearly the elite of the bibliobloggers. Ed Cook, Richard Anderson, and Stephen Carlson do nicely. Rick Brannan, Brandon Wason, Michael Bird, Michael Turton, James Crossley, and Chris Heard get by. Chris Weimer is barely surviving. The zeroes, the dirt poor -- who are always with us -- include Alan Bandy, Phil Harland, Peter Kirby, Ken Olson, Michael Pahl, Pete Phillips, Rafael Rodriguez, Sean du Toit, Tyler Williams, and myself.

For what it’s worth. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it doesn't mean your blog is without value - it means it is priceless, wisdom that can't be bought, beyond mere money...

have a nice day

Blogger Loren Rosson III said...

That's the way to look at it. Thanks, Steph!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's a pleasure

Blogger Wayne Leman said...

Loren, I was amazed to see my name listed in your post among the top bibliobloggers. There are many other biblioblogs which rank much higher than mine, although I am honored by your mention.

For example, mine is less than one-third of the value of Adrian Warnock's blog which is worth $268,156.50.

Perhaps part of the issue is how do we define "biblioblog"?

Anyway, this was interesting, even if not in-valuable! :-)

Blogger Loren Rosson III said...

Hi Wayne,

The kind of biblioblogs I have in mind are like those listed and Wason & West's But the only blogs I checked values for were the ones on my own blogroll -- intended to be illustrative, not exhaustive -- and yours was the highest.

I've no more idea than Brandon does how the engine determines blog worth, but these results have certainly been entertaining.

Blogger Chris Weimer said...

Wow! I'm surprised I'm even worth 2 grand. And I'm surprised you're not worth more than I! Best of luck to you,



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