Thursday, October 30, 2008

Apparently I'm Liberal

N.T. Wrong calls me a "liberal" biblioblogger, which I suppose is accurate enough. I tend to be moderately liberal in most areas of my life. Check out his list of active bloggers, each of whom he labels "very conservative", "fairly conservative", "liberal", or "very liberal".

As a blogger said to me last night, Jim Davila being labelled "very liberal" is puzzling. (I would have said "liberal".) Nor do I understand why Mark Goodacre and Stephen Carlson are considered "fairly conservative". They're puzzle solvers more than anything. Is there really anything "conservative" about Q skepticism without Matthean priority, or recognizing Secret Mark as a hoax, or dating Galatians after I Corinthians? They don't talk politics on their blogs, so that can't be that issue.

Most others whose blogs I read seem right. Michael Bird is pegged as "very conservative", James Crossley "very liberal"; Chris Heard and Tyler Williams are each "fairly conservative"; April DeConick "very liberal"; Chris Weimer "liberal", though he team blogs with others who are "fairly conservative"; etc. It's an interesting exercise.

UPDATE: N.T. Wrong clarifies his labels.


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