Sunday, March 02, 2008

Secret Mark Panel Discussion

The hoax goes on. Over on Thoughts in Antiquity, Chris Zeichman summarizes the results of a recent panel discussion on Secret Mark.
"Birger Pearson and Dennis MacDonald (moderator) took the position that the Clementine epistle and the gospel were both forgeries by Morton Smith, whereas Gesine Robinson, John Dart and Marvin Meyer were of the view that Secret Mark represents the original form of the canonical Gospel of Mark. The audience consisted of a large number of students, a large number of community members, along with a few other prominent names in New Testament studies: James Robinson and Burton L. Mack. Claremont Graduate University’s Institute for Antiquity and Christianity hosted the event on Thursday, February 28, 2008. Information about each of the panelists can be found here."
Pearson is right about the exposes of Carlson and Jeffery: “there should be no further discussion” after them. But apparently people like Robinson, Dart, and Meyer can only give up the ghost when a hoaxer openly confesses. Alas.


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