Monday, September 11, 2006


Like another blogger, I remember 9/11. And as before, I recommend the film United 93 for those who can take it. (The DVD came out last week.) Greengrass does an amazing job portraying the chaos of the morning as communications broke down between the FAA and the military, alongside the terror going on inside the fourth aircraft. A notable acting performance is that of Ben Sliney, who plays himself. 9/11 was actually his first day on the job as FAA Operations Manager. What a reward for being promoted.

On third viewing, I remain extremely impressed with how the film was shot and edited (not a single exploitive frame to be found), and the acting performances are too real for words. The use of non-actors -- actual 9/11 air-traffic controllers and military personnel reliving their disbelief and helplessness -- alongside seasoned professionals is a powerful combination. I'm hard to please, but this is a masterpiece, and completely unlike Oliver Stone's sentimental World Trade Center.


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