Friday, August 04, 2006

Newsweek's Cover Story: World Trade Center

Read Newsweek’s cover story of Oliver Stone's World Trade Center (in theaters next Wednesday). It looks like it's going to be as good as United 93.

"This is not the 9/11 story most people would expect from Oliver Stone. There are no conspiracies lurking in the background. No axes to grind... These days, if Stone has a theory about September 11, he's keeping it to himself...

"Piercingly moving and utterly unpolitical, World Trade Center holds us in a fierce grip... What it does share with United 93 is the desire to look at the event with eyes uncontaminated by politics. World Trade Center should be embraced as readily by conservatives as by liberals. For two hours and nine minutes, at least, it makes the distinction irrelevant...

"World Trade Center is several things: an act of commemoration, an edge-of-your-seat rescue movie, a moving tribute to all who risked and gave their lives at Ground Zero, and a family drama that examines the marriages that, in Stone's view, gave John McLoughlin and Will Jimeno reasons to live."


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