Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Simplicity of Christianity

Library Journal reviews Tom Wright's Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense, ISBN 0-06-050715-2. From the blurb:

"[Wright] shows how the God of Christianity can bring real justice, true spirituality, genuine relationships, and awesome beauty by answering simply yet profoundly most of the key questions associated with Christian systematic theology... Wright accomplishes exactly what the title of his book suggests: he presents Christianity as the straightforward and uncomplicated answer to so many of life's most complex and difficult problems." (LJ, 4/1/06, pp 101-102)

I'm glad to see that Wright has solved the world's problems for us in the space of 250 pages. If only real answers came this simple. It's tempting to wax rude about the simple-mindedness of such an approach, but it could be the reviewer who is presenting things rather artificially here. So I'll kindly desist. Good old Wright...


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