Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Dozen Rebuttals to DaVinci

Jim Davila and Chris Heard applaud yet another rebuttal to The DaVinci Code on its way, The DaVinci Deception, written by two Catholic authors. Jim notes that "it's shooting at fish in a barrel, but unfortunately it's still necessary, especially with the movie coming out." I agree but wonder what the authors (Sri and Shea) plan on saying that hasn’t already been said. Here's an amazon list I made of the many DaVinci rebuttals, to which I just added Sri and Shea's to make a nice dozen. Note there is already a book on the list called The DaVinci Deception, a rather bad one written by an Moody evangelical. I guess it's legal since the publication dates are separated by over a year.

A Dozen Rebuttals to The DaVinci Code


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