Monday, December 12, 2005

Social Science Commentary on the Letters of Paul

At long last, a book I've been waiting for is due out in January: Bruce Malina and John Pilch's Social Science Commentary on the Letters of Paul. It's the same format and structure as Malina & Rohrbaugh's commentaries on the synoptics and John. Augsburg Fortress lists the endorsements from Neyrey and Rohrbaugh.

"If you are tired of reading the same 'new' book on Paul over and over, this commentary on the letters of Paul is the place to go next. In addition to traditional material on rhetoric and background, this social-scientific commentary brings to the fore necessary, significant and enlightening ways of understanding the social role of Paul and his social dynamics with the churches he founded. In this it is unique; it is the only comprehensive social-science reading of Paul. The reading scenarios at the end are themselves worth the price of this book."
— Jerome Neyrey, University of Notre Dame

"Pauline theology will never look the same again."
— Richard L. Rohrbaugh, Lewis and Clark College


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