Thursday, December 01, 2005

Liberal and Conservative Blog Readers

There's an interesting observation being made that liberal blogs tend to attract a large percentage of international visitors, while right-wing blogs are visited almost exclusively by Americans. See Pharyngula and Aetiology for examples and comments.

40% of my visitors are from outside the U.S, so I guess that keeps my moderately liberal image intact. (The above liberals, PZ Myers and Tara Smith, get 43% and 30%, respectively.) Assuming there's any truth to this idea about liberal/conservative reading habits.

Thanks to Matt Bertrand for pointing out Tara Smith's weblog. I may add to my sub-blogroll dealing with evolution topics.


Blogger Jim said...

53% of my visitors come from outside the United States. Just to add to your statistical database.

Blogger Ben Myers said...

I'm blogging from Down Under, but I generally have about 50-60% US visitors, and the rest from elsewhere. I sure hope this makes me a non-conservative blogger!

Anonymous steph said...

and I'm even further down under but I read alot of the right wing US blogs because they're so hilarious (although sometimes the biblical studies ones blogging on right wing politics get a tinsy bit frustrating)


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