Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Poll: Jesus in Film

On Codex Blogspot and NT Gateway, Tyler Williams and Mark Goodacre mention a poll being taken by the Arts and Faith website: "Who's your favorite film Jesus?" Jim Caviezel is currently in the lead. My favorite would have to be Lothaire Bluteau's performance in Jesus of Montreal. My three favorite Jesuses (and Jesus films, for that matter) are:

(1) Lothaire Bluteau -- Jesus of Montreal
(2) Jim Caviezel -- Passion of the Christ
(3) Enrique Irazoqui -- Gospel According to Saint Matthew

Frankly, I don't like most Jesus figures portrayed in film. I do like Monty Python's Life of Brian, though it's not on the poll.


Blogger Tyler F. Williams said...

I agree.... I think Life of Brian should be on the list!

Blogger Matt said...

My favorite is the cartoon Jesus of "South Park"


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