Monday, July 18, 2005

King Kong scuttlebutt

Here are some amusing reactions to the King Kong trailer. Purists notwithstanding, this is going to be a great film with plenty of emotional power, just like Lord of the Rings. Jackson is way ahead of Spielberg in this kind of genre. For that matter, I like everything Jackson does -- whether by splatter, puppet-porn, mockumentary, or love story.



Anonymous Matt B said...

From the review:

"Naomi Watts is a bore. And she's too old to play an ingenue."

No further proof is needed that these reviewers don't have a clue. Naomi Watts is a hottie, and anyone who finds her boring must be a eunuch. Her lesbian love scene in "Mulholland Drive" is one of cinema's greatest moments.

I for one am eagerly looking forward to seeing this film. I doubt Peter Jackson will disappoint.


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