Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Secret Mark Conference

A conference on the Secret Gospel of Mark will be held at York University in the spring. Tony Burke and Mark Goodacre list the details:

"Ancient Gospel or Modern Forgery? The Secret Gospel of Mark in Debate"

April 29, 2011, York University (Vanier College)
Scholarly Discussion (9 am - 5 pm) and Public Debate (7 - 9 pm)

Featuring: Scott Brown, University of Toronto; Tony Burke, York University; Bruce Chilton, Bard College; Craig Evans, Acadia Divinity College; Phil Harland, York University; Charles Hedrick, Missouri State U.; Peter Jeffery, U. of Notre Dame; Marvin Meyer, Chapman University; Allan Pantuck, U. of California; Pierluigi Piovanelli, U. of Ottawa; Hershel Shanks, Editor of Biblical Archaeology Review.


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