Sunday, December 27, 2009

Michael Bird & Myers-Briggs

Look out everyone, Michael Bird has come out of the closet with his true personality. Jason Staples defends himself too. It's funny, I've never had to be ashamed of my introversion. (Or perhaps occasionally, but didn't care enough about what others thought to work up the shame.) While the INTJs are rallying under Michael's banner, INTPs like me are bound to take this business more lightly.

For instance: I much enjoy alternate interpretations of the 16 personality types. According to this one, INTPs like me and Stephen Carlson are Eggheads, while the zillions of INTJs flocking under Michael's post are Outside Contractors. See the complete listing below. Do we have any Crackpots (ISFPs) in the biblioblogosphere? Surely some Conspiracy Theorists (INFJs)? Jim West would be our National Enquirer Headline (ESFP) in terms of blog persona (though certainly not real life, if his envious diatribes against all sorts of natural sex are an indication). Cult Leaders (ENFJs)? Watch for these folks the next time you scroll through your feed reader.

ENTJ: The Evil Overlord
ENTP: The Mad Scientist
ENFJ: The Cult Leader
ESFJ: The Control Freak
ESTJ: The Bureaucrat
INFJ: The Conspiracy Theorist
INFP: The Idealist
ENFP: The Scientologist
ISTJ: The Thought Police
ESFP: The National Enquirer Headline
INTP: The Egghead
INTJ: The Outside Contractor
ISTP: The Psycho Vigilante
ISFP: The Crackpot
ISFJ: The Martyr
ESTP: The Conman


Blogger Jason A. Staples said...

Great stuff here. I like the MBTI if for no other reason than its descriptions can help people to respect each other's personality quirks, but I love these "alternate interpretations."

Blogger Loren Rosson III said...

You probably know about the four fundamental temperaments: SJ, SP, NT, and NF. (For sensing types, the J/P dimension is more defining, while for intuitive types, the T/F matters more.) So INTPs like me and Stephen Carlson share more in common with INTJs like you and Mike Bird than, say, ISTPs share with ISTJs -- because SPs and SJs are opposing temperaments.

Blogger Jason A. Staples said...

Yup. And I have to say, I tend to get a more out of having INTPs look at my work and provide suggestions than I do from any other type, though other INTJs would be close behind.

I should also mention that my post wasn't exactly intending to "defend" my introversion; I've never had to be ashamed of it either, though strong extroverts seem to misunderstand (and often quite dislike) our kind. I am, however, proudly flying the introvert flag. :)

Anonymous Types of Personality said...

It's amazing how many different fun schemas there are for the 16 types. I hadn't seen this one. I'm an INTJ and funny enough at the moment I do do mostly outside contracting. I think the INTP is definitely an egghead, but also the conspiracy theorists I know are often INTP's too, more so thatn INFJ's I think. But that may just be my experience.

The Introvert Advantage is a good book for any introvert working on overcoming shame about it.


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