Monday, August 06, 2007

Do You Have Asperger's Syndrome?

Take this test to find out if you have Asperger's Syndrome or high-functioning autism. A score of 32-50 means you probably do. I scored 23, so I'm somewhere between an "average computer scientist" and "average math contest winner". Well, I was a math major.

(HT: Matt Bertrand)


Blogger Andrew Criddle said...

I scored 36

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting. I scored a 36 also.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

42... does that mean i might be an Aspie?

Blogger Unknown said...

scored a 27...... ok what does that make me??? im sooo dumb coming to understand these things :P meeee im jus about 20 yr old (20 alden) ;) and still dont have a job nor dooooo i have a darned car. welllllll i guess im just immature ""psycho-logist"" said i had aspergers at age 15 but i was livin in ..... groupie homes :( soooooo guess my ""psycho-logist is psycho"" lol.. mann i hate drs. ;) ..... i jus have adhd then and no aspergers and still livin with my fam... it suckz :(

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scored 35. Two doctorates in unrelated science fields, 45 year old male... sheesh - maybe my wife is right afterall.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I scored 25...
Am an 12 yr old kid in
Gifted/Talented class.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

41. Thought my symptoms were ADD but maybe not. Mom used to tell me I was cold hearted because I didn't know how to react if I saw her cry so I would just go to my room and think about what I should have done. Isn't that normal though? When people don't know how they should react or react wrong they try and figure out how they should have reacted. I don't know. I always wrote her notes apologizing for my mistakes and left them by her door though.


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