Wednesday, July 25, 2007

An Ethnic Identity Crisis

Don't miss Chris Weimer's post, Jew or Judean Again, and the discussion in comments. Chris insists that "Judean" be reserved as a geographic/ethnic label, and that "Jew" is a legitimate designation for those in the 2nd-Temple period who had religious connections to Judea in some way. I say that "Jew" is a mistranslation in the bible, for reasons previously laid out here, and that "Judean" is the proper word for Ioudaiou.

UPDATE: In comments Bob Webb mentions an upcoming essay in The Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus: "Jesus Was Neither a 'Jew' nor a 'Christian': On Correcting Misleading Nomenclature", by Jack Elliott (5.2, 2007). It should be out sometime this month. Thanks for the heads-up, Bob.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


On this issue you might want to see, and perhaps alert readers, to the essay by John H. Elliott, "Jesus Was Neither a 'Jew' nor a 'Christian': On Correcting Misleading Nomenclature" in the next issue of _JSHJ_ 5.2 (2007), which should be out sometime this month.


(Robert L. Webb).

Blogger Loren Rosson III said...

Thanks for the heads up, Bob! Elliott and Esler have been the two strongest advocates for dropping "Jew" in favor of "Judean", and I can't wait to read this essay.


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