Saturday, July 15, 2006

The 10 Least Politically Correct Movies Ever

With thanks to Matt Bertrand for the link, MSN presents The 10 Least Politically Correct Movies Ever:

"The following [movies] really went to the precipice of good taste and decorum in the quest for laughs. Most are older, but a few were made fairly recently. Viewed now, many will still create laughter while others might meet with disgust. Of course, in most cases that was the reaction when they were first released."

Blazing Saddles 94%
Airplane! 100%
There’s Something About Mary 78%
Caddyshack 74%
Love and Death 100%
Kentucky Fried Movie 80%
Team America: World Police 77%
Porky’s 28%
Song of the South ?
Bad Santa 74%

I don't think these were intended in any particular order (i.e. they’re not rated progressively to a #1 slot). Most were well received by the critics, as you can tell from the Tomatometer ratings I attached (only Porky's was panned). But the only film that would perhaps find a home in my DVD collection someday would be Team America.

Song of the South was last released in American theaters in 1986. Now you can't even obtain the film here on account of the controversy (it perpetuates the myth of the happy slave). This helpful site clarifies the controversies surrounding the classic and when it may finally be released.


Blogger Stephen C. Carlson said...

The only one of these that I might want to own is Airplane!

Blogger Gary said...

I've seen 8 out of ten, but I just don't think Love and Death belongs on the list. Perhaps they could have found some offensive drama or something. Or maybe even Python's Meaning of Life if they think comedies are more offensive.


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