Friday, April 21, 2006

Success and Disintegration in Biblioblogdom

Prompted by Jim West’s concern about a "disintegration of the biblioblogging community", Chris Heard, Chris Weimer, Ed Cook and Mark Goodacre each address the situation as he sees it. Jim seems to be more concerned about a decline in the interactivity between bloggers than in biblioblogdom per se.

To an extent, the two are inversely related. Many have mentioned the exponential growth of our biblioblogging community, and it does seem that for everyone who goes on blogging sabbatical (like Michael Turton and Alan Bandy) there are three or four new faces who come along to fill the void. I myself haven't noticed a major decrease in the interactions between bloggers, but some is no doubt due to this astronomical growth. The rise of biblioblogdom makes it harder to keep up with everything going on. "Victims of our own success", Mark? Too true.


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